Infrared 6 x Gundam illustration

The Shoe

The Air Jordan Infrared 6, in my opinion is one of Jordan brands most highly coveted models. The sleek streamlined upper with sharp angular lines is something reminiscent of a high end powered super car.

Illustration By: R.Ubanks IG:
Illustration By: R.Ubanks IG:

The designer, Mr.Tinker Hatfield himself is said to have called the unique tongue of the shoe a ”spoiler”. Which was created so that Mr Jordan could put his shoe on easier and faster. (An issue that he was having with the previous 5 models).

Did I mention that Michael Jordan Won his first title with the Bulls in the 6?

Truly something special!

The Robot

If you were to ask me what my favourite Mecha Franchise is I would have to say Gundam. The anime series has some of the best mecha designs that I’ve ever seen! It is also one of the longest running series and has been running since 1979.

The impact of Gundam is indescribable and if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend that you give it a try. Heck…They even made a theme park in japan based off of the series!

The Illustration

I wanted to use the different elements of the Jordan 6 to create a Gundam. The unique angular shapes of the upper and midsole were easy to work with and they could be easily used to make an aggressive face. I used the back of the upper for the shoulder pad armour and parts of the midsole and outsole for the antennas.

Designed with Affinity Designer
Screenshot of the design process creating a robot
I used my Ipad for this one
A screenshot of a robot design using affinity designer
Process of changing color blocking. This looks kind of cool though?

The plan is to complete a series made up of 36 (or more) illustrations for every Jordan silhouette . Which Mecha should I choose next?

The Final Result

White infrared G6 Illustration By: R.Ubanks IG:
Black Infrared Illustration By: R.Ubanks IG:

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One love.

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